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CaemCad is the configuration software of CAEM shelving systems.

With CaemCad you can click and drag to configure your required shelving in 3d. No need to know the technical details of shelving since all available options are offered to you by the wizard configuration tool.

Once a profile book library is build up for a single store or for an account, like a chain of stores, shelving units can be inserted into an AutoCAD imported 2d or 3d plan.

(At the first time you need to send us the Activation Key. Please use the module 'Contact Us' on this WebSite, specifying correctly your email address. We will respond as soon as possible)

Useful Handbook
Under this section all the more useful handbook are available.
  CaemCad Handbook  (User Manual CaemCad)

News and Release
Important Price List Update - 01/03/2017
New update released with the new prices lists effective from 1st March 2017
New Upgrade N°21 - 17/09/2012
Bug Fixed in the T25 End Cap Backpanel Composition
New Caemcad Update - 10/08/2012
New update released.Wizard Improved inserting displays. New Feature:you can change measures and parameters.
Update 18 Released - 26/06/2012
Fixed some bugs on printing Added Tubolar Bar for T25 Added Tubolar Welded Bar for TN9 Updated Tubolar Bar for TN9 Fixed Bug on A143L Display
New Upgrade with new price list - 23/04/2012
Released today a new upgrade with new price list 121. The new price list is already in the setup file download.
Update Released - 30/11/2011
We have solved some problems in the prints.
The first time you make an update is needed to be registered on the dedicated Web Page.
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